WP-Hide Explained

The convenient way to hide your WordPress from being visible through the code.
A huge improvement over Site Security since hackers web scanners will not find any WordPress trace on your site. Over 99,99% of sites hacks are focused attacks on specific plugins and themes vulnerabilities. Since no WordPress plugins and themes are found anymore, no hack occur even if site using exploitable code.
Provide a clean method for removing any WordPress fingerprints including themes and plugins.
No negative impact on SEO at all ! Used wisely, specific SEO aspects can be improved.

WP HIDE PRO now available!

The plugin not only allow to change default urls of you WordPress, but it hide/block defaults! All other similar plugins just change the slugs, but the defaults are still accessible, obviously revealing the WordPress.

Plugin Features

No file and directory change!

No file and directory is being changed anywhere, everything is processed virtually! The plugin code use URL rewrite techniques and WordPress filters to apply all internal functionality and features. Everything is done automatically, there's no user intervention require at all.

100% compatible with other Plugins & Themes

Compatible with any WordPress plugins and themes, once deployed it will not break any functionality or features other codes provide to your site.

WordPress MultiSite Compatible

Support MultiSIte environment. Can work with per site set-up (individual settings) or globally (superadmin settings)

Theme url change and clean-up

Theme and child theme styles clean-up and headers remove, to prevent display of theme name, version, author etc No one will know it's a WordPress theme

Compatible with any host / server

Tested and 100% compatible with different hosting server configuration basted on Linux and Windows operating system.

Nginx Compatible

The PRO version come with full Nginx support, which run on LEMP stacks. Advanced rewrite queries engine included, which provide the most efficient and light data.

Custom login URL

All sites receive hits on login page with boots trying brute force attempts, requiring a high processing CPU power due to number of attempts. This conclude to a global site speed decrease and response time. Blocking default login URL, boots will hit just a 404 error page which is being cached, so no resurce is being used.

HTML clean-up

Clean up HTML comments produced by plugins or theme, WordPress core auto-generated classes as page-template-x, format-x, wp-image-x, etc for body, post, images etc

Individual Plugin URL customization

Change Plugins Folder path and individual plugin url with custom data. Optionally block default urls from being accessible from outside.

Change admin-ajax-php

The admin-ajax.php is the default input for WordPress AJAX calls. This functionality allow to change to something else and block default.

Very popular plugins (including JetPack, bbPress, Gravity Forms, WordPress SEO) where found vulnerable to XSS attacks. This can happen again for other plugins too.
Do not jeopardy your site security, hackers never sleep

Check for yourself !

No WordPress detectors can see any detail about Our Site, no plugins info, no theme specifications, no WordPress at all !!

Prevention is better than cure
Start protecting your Business today!

Why use?

There’s no doubt that WordPress is by far the most popular Content Management System available. The platform growth has seen unprecedented increase in the past few years. It is still expand at a rate of few percent per year and beat all records. Statistically it’s being used by 60% of Top 100 blogs, deployed for over 90 million active sites, more than 40 million terms searches per month.

With over 25% of the world’s website running over WordPress, the day is near the corner when it will cross all barriers to touch the majority in the world. But all this attention come with a price! Hackers keep their keen eye on WordPress platform.

Security holes in themes and plugins represent more than 90% of all successful WordPress hacks. If a single vulnerability is found within a WordPress install, millions of website become easy targets. If you are using WordPress, this is a clear threat to your business. New security issues are reported every day, see only a fraction reported on Sucuri Website.

Perfect solution!

Do not assume your website is secure because you have not been hacked in the past ! Sooner or later you'll become a victim if security measures are not implemented.

WP Hide & Security Enhancer plugin for WordPress makes it easy for the WordPress administrators to completely hide their CMS identity. The formula is simple, it hides WordPress fingerprints like resources urls (plugins, theme, core files), login url, block REST and XMLRPC services etc, This makes it completely hide against boots attacks which try to identify the vulnerabilities making those inaccessible.

The technical term is “Security by Obscurity”. In laymen terms, “If you cannot see and understand, how can you hack it?”

Hackers use bots and automated systems to find loopholes in WordPress. With the plugin active, the automated systems/bots will be useless as they won’t be able to see any WordPress, they can't get the most basic information about the platform being used.


  • I was getting continuous hacking attempts on wp-login.php and xmlrpc.php, which have completely stopped. One fantastic feature is stopping external access to back-end urls, since hackers use these to find weaknesses to hack in with. Excellent security not found in other plugins!

    @njrfbzr – DigitalOcean

  • I really like this plugin. I tested through mutliple WordPress Detection websites & browser addons, none of them were able to detect my WP. It’s pretty easy to configure, you can’t do too much wrong with it. This is because it doesn’t change the directories on the server, instead they are rewrite to new URLs of your choosing. It also has the option to remove useless WordPress meta tags in your site code.

    @darkhydra90 – WP Engine

  • Great plug in for removing junk from the head of your page and rewriting paths. Very useful, very important, every WordPress website should get this.


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