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Plugin Changelog

For WP Hide PRO check the following link WP-Hide PRO – Changelog

The plugin is actively maintained, we work hard to improve the code and add new functionality.

= =
* Check for filterable buffer content type, before doing replacements, to prevent erroneously changes
* Update only URLs on XML content type
* Updated plugin demo site URL on readme file
* Compatibility update for ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin
* Notice possible issue for Cron block on certain servers

= 1.5.9 =
* New admin interfaces skin.
* Relocated plugin assets within a different folder for better organisator.
* Updated mu-loader module
* Add help and hints for each options for easier understanding.
* Allow same base slug to be used for individual plugins
* Updated language file
* Check if environment file is not available and outputs admin messages
* Environment class with relocated environment json, to avoid security scanners false reports.
* Cache Enabler plugin compatibility module
* WoodMart theme compatibility
* Compatibility module for WP Smush and WP Smush PRO plugins
* Add the new filter available for WP Rocket to change css content
* WebARX compatibility module update
* W3 Cache module update

= =
* Ensure base slug (e.g. base_slug/slug ) is not being used for another option to prevent rewrite conflicts
* Return correct home path when using own directory for WordPress and hosting account use the same slug in the path.
* Relocated get_default_variables() function on a higher priority execution level, to get default system details.
* Switched Yes / No options selection, to outputs first No then Yes ( more logical )

= 1.5.8 =
* Add reserved option names to avoid conflicts e.g. wp
* Always clear any code plugin cache when plugin update
* Easy Digital Downloads compatibility
* Elementor plugin compatibility
* Fusion Builder plugin compatibility
* Divi theme compatibility updates
* WP Fastest Cache plugin compatibility updates
* Check if ob_gzhandler and zlib.output_compression before using ‘ob_gzhandler’ output buffering handler

= 1.5.7 =
* Autoptimize css/js cache and minify compatibility
* Wp Hummingbird and WP Hummingbird PRO assets cache compatibility

= =
* New functionality: Remove Link Header

= =
* Fix: Call for invalid method WP_Error::has_errors()
* Fix: Attempt to clear Opcache if API not being restricted

= =
* Allow internal cron jobs to run even if wp-cron.php is blocked.
* Check with wp_filesystem for any errors and output the messages, before attempt to write any content
* Trigger site cache clear on settings changed or code update
* Slight css updates
* Mark block option in red text for better visibility and user awareness

= =
* Fix: Keep double quote at the start of the replacements when doing JSON matches to avoid replacing strings for other domains
* Fix: Run compatibility pachage for “ShortPixel Adaptive Images” only when plugin is active

= =
* Fix: remove javascript comments produce worng replacements on specific format.

= =
* Use curent site prefix when retreiving ‘user_roles’

= 1.5.6 =
* Fix BBPress menus by calling directly the wp_user_roles option ratter get_roles()
* Replace comments within inline JavaScript code when Remove Comments active
* Possible login conflict notices when using WebArx, WPS Hide Login
* New action wp-hide/admin_notices when plugin admin notices
* Return updated url when calling admin_url instead replaced when buffer outputs to ensure compatibility with specific plugins

= =
* Compatibility module for ShortPixel Adaptive Image plugin
* Add support for texarea fields within plugin options interface
* Fixed urls for minified files when using WP Rocket cache plugin

= =
* Filter remove fix

= =
* Fix log-in page when using Wp Rocket cache

= =
* Fix admin dashboard replacements when using Wp Rocket cache

= =
* Fix Wp Rocket cache when using Minify and Concatenation
* New functionality – Remove Admin Bar for specified roles
* Module block structure extend to support ‘callback_arguments’ to passThrough additional data to processing function
* Redirect the default non-pretty-url search url to customized one

= 1.5.5 =
* New component: Rewrite Author
* New component: Rewrite Search
* Show recovery link on top of page to ensure everyone can save the link to use if something goe wrong.
* Send recovery code to site admin e-mail
* Minor Code adjustments
* Send new login url to site admin e-mail, to ensure user can recover access to dashboard if forget new slug
* Removed unused methods within WPH_module_rewrite_new_include_path component

= =
* Fix: Undefined method for WooCommerce compatibility module

= =
* Allow rewrite for images within admin, as being reversed to default when saving the post

= 1.5.4 =
* Compatibility re-structure, use a general module
* Compatibility fix for Shield Security wp-simple-firewall
* Removed the upload_dir filtering as produce some issues on specific environment, possible incompatibilities will be post-processed within General compatibility module
* Filter the post content on save_post action, to reverse any custom slugs like media urls, to preserve backward compatibility, in case plugin disable
* Ensure wp-simple-firewall run once when called from multiple components
* Update for Rewrite Slash component, use a rewrite conditional to ensure the code is not trigger for POST method

= =
* Fix JSON encoded urls when using SSL

= 1.5.3 =
* Remove _relative_domain_url_replacements_ssl_sq and _relative_domain_url_replacements_ssl_dq replacements for buffer as being integrated to other variables
* Relocated upload_dir() to general functions.php to catch new content and uploads slugs.
* Use full domain url for new wp-admin slug, instead relative to avoid wrong replacements for 3rd urls
* Use full domain url for new wp-login.php, instead relative to avoid wrong replacements for 3rd urls
* Typos fix for CDN texts
* Additional description for “Block any JSON REST calls” option to prevent Gutenberg block
* Updated rewrite for URL Slash to include a second conditional, to not trigger on POST calls

= =
* Add trailingslashit to plugins slug to be used for replacements to avoid wrong (partial) slug changes

= =
* Fixed upload rewrite by using default_variables[‘upload_url’]
* WordPrss 5.0 compatibility check

= 1.5.2 =
* Updated po language file
* CDN support when using custom urls
* Moved the action replacement for wp_redirect_admin_locations at _init_admin_url()
* Trigger the action replacement for wp_redirect_admin_locations only if new admin slug exists
* Preserve absolute paths when doing relative replacements
* Populate upload_dir() data with new url if apply
* When doing reset, empty all options before fill in existing with default to ensure deprecated data is not being held anymore

= =
* Do not redirect to new admin url unless rewrite_rules_applied()
* Generate no rewrite rules if there’s no options / reset
* Removed any passed through variables when calling the do_action(‘wph/settings_changed’) as the function can take no argument.
* Re-generate a new write_check_string on settings change to ensure if no .htacccess / web.config file is writable, it trigger correct error and flag the disable_filters variable.
* Use inline JS code confirmation for Reset Settings, in case the separate JavaScript file is not loaded caused by an rewrite issue.
* Reset confirmation message update to better inform the admin upon the procedure to follow.
* WPEngine environment check, as they do not support Apache rewrite out of the box
* Strip off protocol and any www prefix for site_url and home_url to ensure accurate comparing
* Fixed redirect url when saving the options and WordPress deployed in subfolder
* Fixed redirect url when reset all options and WordPress deployed in subfolder
* Improved compatibility for WordPress subfolder install
* Fixed some rewrite lines when WordPress installed in a path and subfolder
* Replaced the internal variable permalinks_not_applied to more intuitive custom_permalinks_applied
* Restart the buffering if flushed out, mainly used for footer when updating plugins and themes
* Add textdomain for multiple untranslated texts
* Updated PO language file
* Fixed textdomain for couple texts
* Add text to textdomain

= =
* Updated MU Loader, if there’s no plugin active avoid to receive any notice.
* Allow new wp-login.php
* PRO version available
* Check if there’s a ‘message’ key for arguments set through wp_mail filter
* Updated po language file

= =
* WPML compatibility when use different domains for each language
* Replaced google social as it produced some JavaScript errors.
* Do not apply the admin/login replacements if permalinks where not applied.
* Language Po file update
* Minify replaces ‘Remove new line carriage’
* Minify Html, Css, JavaScript
* Options for Minify to compress different components
* Fixed conflict with Shield Security

= =
* PHP 7.2 compatibility
* Replaced trilingslashit from the end of template url to improve compatibility with urls (e.g. JavaScript variables) which does not include an ending slash.

= =
* WooCommerce downloadables fix when using custom slug for uploads
* Include support for admin_url() along with run-ajax.php
* Fixed redirect link after user register.
* Use get_rewrite_base and get_rewrite_to_base for all modules to apply correct site path and any WordPress subdirectory install
* WordPress subdirectory install compatibility fix
* Improved router file processor for WordPress subdirectory installs

= 1.4.7 =
* Rewrite changes for many components
* Rewrite update for admin and login url
* Typos fix
* Compatibility for diferent environments, when WordPress deployed in a domain root, a subdirectory, or it’s own folder

= =
* Fixed rewrite ens slashes for wp-login.php and wp-admin components

= =
* Fixed hardcoded wp-register.php within rewrite – root files component
* Updated components to rewrite_base / rewrite_to system
* Improved components: Rewrite – WP Includes, Rewrite – WP Content, Rewrite – Plugins, Rewrite – Uploads, Rewrite – Comments, Rewrite – Root Files, Admin – wp-login.php, Admin – Admin Url
* Typo fix environemnt to environment
* New Component – Remove Shortlink Meta
* New Component – Remove new line carriage
* Apply relative paths change on styles only if main theme / child theme rewrite slug is not empty
* Improved interface errors and warnings transient structure
* Use ABSPATH and Environemnt data to create file path for file processing, instead just ABSPATH, for better compatibility

= =
* Prevent the wp-register.php redirect to new login page when using block
* Prepare plugin for Composer package
* URL Slash description update
* xml_rpc_path add php_extension_required validation
* File processor use ABSPATH instead DOCUMENT_ROOT environment variable to avoid different paths on certain systems
* Allow path structure to be used for New Theme Path and Child – New Theme Path

= =
* Media Galery src images fix
* Use separate variables for holding replacements to avoid key overwrite

= 1.4.5 =
* Add replacements for urls which does not contain explicit protocol e.g. http: or https:
* Avada cache URLs replacements support
* Fix processing_order for specific root files
* Ignore wp-register.php when blocking other wp-* files
* Fixed wp-register.php block
* Check for replacements on url encoded links
* Show message notices on General/HTML -> Html for options which may interfere with themes.
* sanitize_file_path_name fix when slug include a file type extension
* Prevent redirect to new url when accessing links through www
* New component Feeds
* Windows – Global file process rewrite rules update

= =
* If no server type identification possible, try to check for .htaccess file
* Improved .htaccess search mod, Use preg_grep for identify the begin and end of WordPress rules
* Output notice when no supported server was found
* Use separate block of rules for .htaccess file, outside of WordPress lines
* Improved server htaccess support check
* Moved WPH_CACHE_PATH constant declaration from mu loader to wph class
* Use shutdown hock instead wp_loaded when plugin inline updated
* Use FS_CHMOD_FILE for $wp_filesystem->put_contents

= =
* Fixed default wp-content block
* Updated compatibility with WP Fastest Cache
* Fixed wp-content replacement
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