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  • wp-hide/ob_start_callback/text_preserve

    This functionality is available for PRO version. Name: wp-hide/ob_start_callback/text_preserve Type: Filter Arguments: $buffer This filter can be used to change any outputted HTML buffer. Similar to wp-hide/ob_start_callback except this will run inside text preserve loop.

  • wp-hide/wp_redirect

    Name: wp-hide/wp_redirect Type: Filter Arguments: $location This is the filter through which a redirect url can be further updated. The filter occur after the default plugin replacements.

  • wp-hide/interface/process

    Name: wp-hide/interface/process Type: Filter Arguments: $errors, $settings, $module_settings Returns: (array) $errors This filter trigger when plugin admin interface is being processed. It can be used to ensure specific options are matching the requirements.

  • wp-hide/module_load_components

    Trigger when Admin Components Included

  • wp-hide/add_default_replacements

    Add default URL replacements

  • wp-hide/module_settings_process

    Trigger on Module Component loaded $field_id $saved_field_value $_class_instance $module

  • wp-hide/loaded_module

    On loaded module

  • wph/do_recovery

    Trigger on recovery actions

  • wph/settings_changed

    Name: wph/settings_changed Type: Action Arguments: $screen_slug, $tab_slug The action trigger on plugin admin interface Settings Changed. If this action triggered there was no error and the settings where saved successfully.

  • wp-hide/components/general-html/post_class/preserve

    Preserve post class array

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