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  • General / JavaScript Combine

    This functionality is available for PRO version. The Combine JavaScript Code is a requirement for Html/Css/JS Replacements functionality which helps to whitelabel virtually any plugin/theme deployed on a WordPress site. The Combine JavaScript Code feature is also an excellent way to improve the SEO aspect of a site. One of the hardest challenge for modern sites, when trying […]

  • Html/Css/JS Replacements

    This functionality is available for PRO version. The module implement a post-processing engine, which allow arbitrary words to be replaced with custom ones. This works for all site data as HTML, Css, JavaScript assets. The  visual interface is self explanatory, consist of a Replaced Word and a Replacement Word. This is easy to understand for […]

  • General / Html – Admin Bar

    When being logged-in, on front side WordPress display a top admin bar to facilitate an easy access to different areas and configuration options. The Admin Bar module can be used to hide the default admin bar, for specif roles.

  • CDN – CDN Url

    This functionality is available for PRO version. A Content Delivery Network – CDN – is a network of servers located around the globe in fundamental spots with fast access. It takes a while for a web page to load especially if the server is located far away from the user. So they are designed to […]

  • Rewrite – Map URLs This functionality is available for PRO version. The Map URLs module can e used to change individual URL to custom ones. The interface consists of 2 fields, a Url to replace and a Url replacement. Any site URL's can be mapped to something else. Any type of asset works with re-mapping e.g JavaScript, Cascading Style [...]
  • Admin – Change default run-ajax.php

    This functionality is available for PRO version The run-ajax.php is being used by WordPress core and many plugins to initiate AJAX calls from dashboard and front side. This is specific to WordPress, a site using such slug is an easy target to hack attempts.

  • Rewrite – Theme

    The plugin Theme section allow to change any url’s related to a theme or a child theme. As default a resource file loaded from the theme folder appear on front side html like this:

  • Rewrite – WP includes

    As default a WordPress installation contain a wp-include folder which store files and resources used on themes and plugin. This section allow a way to change this slug from any links on front side html.

  • Rewrite – WP Content

    As default a WordPress installation use a wp-content directory which store themes, plugins, media files, cache data etc. This option allow a way to change this slug to something else on front side html.

  • Rewrite – Plugins

    Within a WordPress install the Plugins are usually located within -domain-name-/wp-content/plugins This functionality provide an easy way to virtually change the path to something else. http://-domain-name-/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/ New Plugins Path Use any alphanumeric symbols for this field which will be used as the new slug for the plugins folder. Presuming an apps slug is being used, […]

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