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    Dear developer, I encountered problem while adding new page to my site after changing wp-admin url and
    blocking wp-admin access.
    I am not able to add new page or edit page of website.

    Do you have any information to solve this prob??

    • nspcode

      This should work fine, can you try to re-generate the permalinks e.g. go to Settings > Permalinks > click Save once.
      If still produce the issue, please get in touch through contact and i’ll check further into this.

  • Philip Ingram

    I try to put /login, /login/, //, all of which are valid page urls with my custom login page but your plugin keeps resolving this to login.php

    • nspcode

      The login url need to include a .php at the end of new slug, this is how WordPress core works and require.

      • Philip Ingram

        Nope, incorrect. There is no spec stating it has to have a .php extension. Again, I can access my /login page which has a working login form of which I can use to login without issue.

        Additionally, alternative functions such as reset password and registration are controlled via query strings appended to the url and also do not require a url ending in .php. This is the whole point of pretty permalinks.

        However, I cannot use your plugin to redirect to the desired url because it forces a .php extension to anything I provide instead of just letting me define the proper url to my custom login page. =(

  • Advitiya Infinite

    hi dev team. i have some strange issue! i provide the new name “mainlogin.php” , to change the default wp-login.php. then also checked the -”
    Block default wp-login.php” – to yes!

    now my new login url is working – “mainlogin.php” , BUT still i am able to access the default wp-login.php !!!

    how to resolve this?!

    Thanks. 🙂

    • nspcode

      Something is blocking the rewrite rule which makes the default wp-login.php inaccessible. Or this is a browser cache issue, in whcih case i suggest to clear it then restart the browser.

      If still not working, please get in touch with us through contact and i can help further.


      • Advitiya Infinite

        actually, my new url is working (new-login.php ), but default login file (wp-login.php) is also accessible!

        now, my new-login.php is working fine. but i want to disable default wp-login.php.

        and thanks for the quick reply… 🙂

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