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Plugin Changelog

The plugin is actively maintained, we work hard to improve the code and add new functionality.

= 1.4 =
* Fix: Allow only css files to be processed through the router to prevent other types from being displayed arbitrary.
* Mu-loader updated version
* Environment allowed path to limit css files processing
* Include _get_plugin_data_markup_translate ratter WordPress method
* Fix: replacement_exists returned wrong response since not using priority keys
* Fix: Add media replacement, use correct replacement_exists function call
* Router check for client HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING type to start ob_start using ob_gzhandler or not.
* Update urls dynamically within stylesheets files e.g. include ‘../theme-name’
* Use trailingslashit for theme / child new urls to make sure it match full url instead partial theme name (e.g. main-theme and main-theme-child)
* Block wp-register.php
* get_home_path rely on DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR for better compatibility
* Check if plugin slug actually exists within all plugins list on re_plugin_path component

= =
* Fix: Use of undefined constant WPH_VERSION

= =
* Fix: Child theme settings not showing up
* Use register_theme_directory if empty $wp_theme_directories
* Plugin Options validation improvements for unique slug

= 1.3.9 =
* General / Html > Meta -> new option Remove DNS Prefetch
* New component – Comments
* Fix: Updated admin urls on plugin / theme / core update page
* fix: WP Rocket url replacements for non cached pages
* Regex patterns updates for better performance and compatibility
* Fix: WP Rocket – support HTML Optimization, including Inline CSS and Inline JS

= =
* Fix – Create mu-plugins folder if not exists

= 1.3.8 =
* WP Rocket plugin compatibility module
* Plugin loader component through mu-plugins for earlier processing and environment manage
* Fix: Plugins Update iframe styles src
* Fix: WordPress Core Update redirect url
* WP Fastest Cache plug in compatibility improvements

= 1.3.7 =
* Sanitize Admin Url for not using extension (e.g. .php) as it confuse the server upon the headers to sent
* Fix: replacements links when using custom directory for WordPress core files
* Fix: child theme path fix when changing style filename
* New Theme Path – help resource link fix
* Changed from DOMDocument to preg_replace for better compatibility with themes and plugins
* Improved execution speed Continue reading

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