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Plugin Changelog

For WP Hide PRO check the following link WP-Hide PRO – Changelog

The plugin is actively maintained, we work hard to improve the code and add new functionality.

= =
* Fixed hardcoded wp-register.php within rewrite – root files component
* Updated components to rewrite_base / rewrite_to system
* Improved components: Rewrite – WP Includes, Rewrite – WP Content, Rewrite – Plugins, Rewrite – Uploads, Rewrite – Comments, Rewrite – Root Files, Admin – wp-login.php, Admin – Admin Url
* Typo fix environemnt to environment
* New Component – Remove Shortlink Meta
* New Component – Remove new line carriage
* Apply relative paths change on styles only if main theme / child theme rewrite slug is not empty
* Improved interface errors and warnings transient structure
* Use ABSPATH and Environemnt data to create file path for file processing, instead just ABSPATH, for better compatibility

= =
* Prevent the wp-register.php redirect to new login page when using block
* Prepare plugin for Composer package
* URL Slash description update
* xml_rpc_path add php_extension_required validation
* File processor use ABSPATH instead DOCUMENT_ROOT environment variable to avoid different paths on certain systems
* Allow path structure to be used for New Theme Path and Child – New Theme Path

= =
* Media Galery src images fix
* Use separate variables for holding replacements to avoid key overwrite

= 1.4.5 =
* Add replacements for urls which does not contain explicit protocol e.g. http: or https:
* Avada cache URLs replacements support
* Fix processing_order for specific root files
* Ignore wp-register.php when blocking other wp-* files
* Fixed wp-register.php block
* Check for replacements on url encoded links
* Show message notices on General/HTML -> Html for options which may interfere with themes.
* sanitize_file_path_name fix when slug include a file type extension
* Prevent redirect to new url when accessing links through www
* New component Feeds
* Windows – Global file process rewrite rules update

= =
* If no server type identification possible, try to check for .htaccess file
* Improved .htaccess search mod, Use preg_grep for identify the begin and end of WordPress rules
* Output notice when no supported server was found
* Use separate block of rules for .htaccess file, outside of WordPress lines
* Improved server htaccess support check
* Moved WPH_CACHE_PATH constant declaration from mu loader to wph class
* Use shutdown hock instead wp_loaded when plugin inline updated
* Use FS_CHMOD_FILE for $wp_filesystem->put_contents

= =
* Fixed default wp-content block
* Updated compatibility with WP Fastest Cache
* Fixed wp-content replacement

= =
* Replace the file-process file remove update

= 1.4.4 =
* New component : Robots.txt to control the outputed data
* Check if any environment variable has changed before Update static environment file
* Improved Default constants map
* File-processing check WordPress wp-load.php down the path, for custom install directory.
* Templates style clean
* Use cache for cleaned styles files
* Set HTTP_MOD_REWRITE environment variable through mod_rewrite
* Separate rewrite rules from WordPress and use distinct block with specific marker
* Add relative .htaccess file manipulation to avoid accessing permissions when WordPress installed within a subfolder.
* Updated .po language file

= 1.4.3 =
* Tags update

= 1.4.2 =
* Replaced “Remove description header from Style file” and “Child – Remove description header from Style file” functionality

= 1.4.1 =
* Security improvments

= 1.4 =
* Fix: Allow only css files to be processed through the router to prevent other types from being displayed arbitrary.
* Mu-loader updated version
* Environment allowed path to limit css files processing
* Include _get_plugin_data_markup_translate ratter WordPress method
* Fix: replacement_exists returned wrong response since not using priority keys
* Fix: Add media replacement, use correct replacement_exists function call
* Router check for client HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING type to start ob_start using ob_gzhandler or not.
* Update urls dynamically within stylesheets files e.g. include ‘../theme-name’
* Use trailingslashit for theme / child new urls to make sure it match full url instead partial theme name (e.g. main-theme and main-theme-child)
* Block wp-register.php
* get_home_path rely on DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR for better compatibility
* Check if plugin slug actually exists within all plugins list on re_plugin_path component

= =
* Fix: Use of undefined constant WPH_VERSION

= =
* Fix: Child theme settings not showing up
* Use register_theme_directory if empty $wp_theme_directories
* Plugin Options validation improvements for unique slug

= 1.3.9 =
* General / Html > Meta -> new option Remove DNS Prefetch
* New component – Comments
* Fix: Updated admin urls on plugin / theme / core update page
* fix: WP Rocket url replacements for non cached pages
* Regex patterns updates for better performance and compatibility
* Fix: WP Rocket – support HTML Optimization, including Inline CSS and Inline JS

= =
* Fix – Create mu-plugins folder if not exists

= 1.3.8 =
* WP Rocket plugin compatibility module
* Plugin loader component through mu-plugins for earlier processing and environment manage
* Fix: Plugins Update iframe styles src
* Fix: WordPress Core Update redirect url
* WP Fastest Cache plug in compatibility improvements

= 1.3.7 =
* Sanitize Admin Url for not using extension (e.g. .php) as it confuse the server upon the headers to sent
* Fix: replacements links when using custom directory for WordPress core files
* Fix: child theme path fix when changing style filename
* New Theme Path – help resource link fix
* Changed from DOMDocument to preg_replace for better compatibility with themes and plugins
* Improved execution speed

= =
* Fixed PHP Notice: Undefined variable: dom

= =
* W3 Total Cache – Page Cache compatibility fix
* Canonical tag replacement improvements
* Pingback tag replacement improvements
* Fix custom Background Images for body on themes which support that feature

= 1.3.6 =
* Post-process on options interface save for unique slugs on any text inputs to prevent conflicts.
* Processing Order change for new_theme_child_path to occur before new_theme_path
* New COmponent General -> Oembed
* Remove Oembed tags from header
* Remove Remove Resource Hints tags from header
* rewrite rules update to match only non base, from (.*) to (.+)
* wph-throw-404 improvements
* BuddyPress conflict handle for uploaded gravatars
* Admin Style changes
* BuddyPress Conflict Class handler
* Separate WordPress meta Generator and Other Meta Generator
* Process Location value within sent Headers list if exists
* Replacements for https and http urls relative to domain
* Add replacements for relative paths to cover WordPress installs within a folder.
* Use untralingslashit when creating theme and child theme url replacements
* Fix for Call to a member function is_404() on a non-object within wp_redirect

= =
* Fix the Remove general classes from images component when within admin dashboard

= 1.3.5 =
* New component element : Remove general classes from body tag
* New component element : Remove general classes from post
* New component element : Remove general classes from images
* New component: JSON REST
* Disable JSON REST V1 service
* Disable JSON REST V2 service
* Block any JSON REST calls
* Disable output the REST API link tag into page header
* Disable JSON REST WP RSD endpoint from XML-RPC responses
* Disable Sends a Link header for the REST API
* Improved Styles and Scripts version remove
* Speed improvements
* Set Last-Modified header attribute for routed files
* Moved the plugins custom paths from ‘plugins_url’ filter to class init to allow replacements to occur when HTML has been created.
* Removed ‘admin_url’ and ‘wp_default_scripts’ filters to allow replacement at the end, within the buffer
* Updated PO / MO translation files

= 1.3.4 =
* Improved replacement code for Uploads, when “Block uploads URL” is set for “No” it use default media urls within the admin editor, to ensure links are still functional if plugin is disabled.
* Priority (high, normal, low) for replacement urls
* Replacement Urls for gziped buffer
* Fix rule name for child_style_file_clean on web.config IIS
* bbPress Compatibility
* BuddyPress Compatibility
* Prevent replacements on wp_redirect filter if is_404()
* Updated PO / MO translation files
* Removed in line components filters which changed the urls, leave for end buffering to make all changes.
* Fix for mod_rewrite line on child theme when router is turned Off, append the default style.css filename
* Improvements for Templates default variables to match customized themes like Sage
* Compatibility fix for Super Cache plugin ob callback
* Add IfModule mod_env.c before set nSetEnv HTTP_MOD_REWRITE On to prevent server internal error in case mod_env module is not available
* Check for Empty $saved_field_data within new plugin path component, to avoid creating rewrite rule if empty and existent path
* Improved get_home_path()
* Replacements for Relative URL’s

= =
* DOMDocument encoding fix for “Remove the autogenerated meta generator”

= =
* DOMDocument encoding fix for “remove styles links attribute”

= 1.3.3 =
* Improve Remove Generator Meta – Use DOMDocument to remove any meta generator tag
* New Component Item – Remove X-Pingback Header
* New functionality, Remove ID from Menu items, Remove class from Menu items
* Add short default replacement for wp-login.php
* Filter all email content (message argument) through wp_mail for any require replacements
* New action wp-hide/add_default_replacements
* New functionality – Remove ID attribute from all link tags which include a stylesheet.
* Separate tabs for Styles and Scripts
* Update engine improvements
* Fix for apache_mod_loaded function not being loaded on plugin update
* Replace spaces within paths for theme rewrite component

= 1.3.1 =
* Moved the Disable XML-RPC authentication within Rewrite -> XML-RPC
* HTML Comments strip out will trigger only on front side, no need for admin
* wp-cron.php block / allow access new setting
* New style file name now include default / new theme path to avoid 404 resource loading when using internally relative urls.
* Modules Menu order fix
* Writable check notification improvements for htaccess / web.config file
* Alternative request headers when apache_response_headers for LEMP / PHP-FPM
* IIS windows server type compatibility
* Rewrite rules for IIS servers with web.config set-up
* apache_response_headers and headers_list PHP functions check if available within the server
* Code Version add and updater class structure update
* WriteCheckString check fix when .htaccess not exists
* Remove description header from Style file
* Router Engine – files post-processing
* Separate theme, style, style proxy setting for parent and child

= 1.2.9 =
* Load plugin styles and scripts only when one of plugin admin menus
* Use default_value when input field is empty
* Reset All Settings button for reverting all options to default
* Fix – double slash in plugin path when usee plugins_url filter
* Individual plugins path processing before general plugin path
* New component – URL Slash
* Update – New Style File Path – apply when theme path already changed
* Fix: Plugins path module, check if $path variable is not “/” instead empty
* Default add backslash rule rule, check if not redirect to prevent infinite loops

= 1.2.6 =
* New Component – HTML Comments replace
* New Component – Headers
* Conflict Handle with W3 Cache plugin when pagecache is active
* W3 Cache plugin buffer use when active
* Show notice when rules could not be delivered to htaccess file
* Disable include filters and leave the buffering urls replacements to allow other plug ins to use default urls for compatibility purpose(e.g. W3-Cache Minify)
* Fix: plugin folder / textdomain change
* Early Buffering start, before any other code
* Recovery link code functionality improvements
* New wp-comments-post.php Path
* Fix: Decrease the processing order index for wp-content module to allow others to run earlier than wp-content
* Add mod_rewrite rules monitor system
* Check if the mod_rewrite rules where successfully written to .htaccess file or disable any component run

= 1.2.2 =
* New Content Path
* New Component : Root Files
* Block license.txt
* Block readme.html
* Block wp-activate.php
* Block wp-signup.php
* Block other wp-*.php files
* licence.txt and readme.html block
* PO translations update

= 1.2 =
* New Feature Change individual plugin url path
* Admin layout improvments
* Fix for Admin canonical filter remove if remove canonical option set
* PO translations update
* Translation

= 1.1.7 =
* Remove profile link meta tag within head.
* Remove canonical link meta tag within head
* New XML-RPC Path
* Block default xmlrpc.php
* Remove pingback tag
* Recovery link for default wp-login.php and admin urls
* Css changes and warning messages update
* PO translations update
* TinyMCE emojicons callback fix

= 1.1.2 =
* Add a custom url for login_url filter
* Better description and warning for wp-login.php change
* Add default replacement for uploads
* conflict handle – Security Firewall (WordPress Security Firewall) > Login Protection > Rename WP Login Page functionality
* wp-includes block when not logged-in
* wp-content block when not logged-in
* readme update

= 1.1 =
* Po / Mo localisation files update
* Update class to process the further structure changes and current components fields name change.
* New Component : Wp-content folder access block
* New Component : Block default wp-signup.php file from being accesible.
* Fix: New admin url save when permalinks disable. keep on default admin url instead redirect.
* Rewrite Default mod_rewrite code, append slashes to all urls to avoid actual directory reveal
* Send e-mail notification when admin e-mail change, to prevent url forget / lose
* New Component Disable Emoji
* New Component Disable TinyMC Emoji
* Structure change on the modules, split into chunks called components
* Code Clean-up
* Set processing order for component settings to allow mod_rewrite rules placement at certain position related to another line
* Improved Template dir when child theme is active
* Allow parent theme / child theme rewrite
* mod_rewrite change for 404 error, set for WordPress internal 404 error page instead default server

= 1.0.4 =
* Text Domain fix from wp-hide to wp-hide-security-enhancer

= 1.0.3 =
* Certain sections improvments and code redo
* Admin module cleanup
* removed block for wp-include
* Removed router functionality
* Created Change relative urls within load-style block, load the tyles on a separate file to change the links

= 1.0 =
* Initial release.

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