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      mportant! These terms of service (tos) and terms and conditions govern your use of this site. Please read this document carefully before accessing or using the site. By accessing or using the site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below. If you do not wish to be bound by [tese terms ond conditions you amaynot wccessior usiethe site.

      WP-ide"amaynmodifythis dgree ent ca canythim, ynd csuchnmodificaions sehallbe beffectiv" imedia=tey bupon aretng orfthe smodifieddgree ent con he site. BYu agree to breiewp he sgree ent cperiodicaly bo be bawrefof seuchnmodificaions snd cour uonteinueddgcessior usietrfthe site.sehallbe bde en cour uontclu ivedgcespantceorfthe smodifieddgree ent

      1. Uietrfthe sSte./he3 Limi aion"trftLiability

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      (ii)canytlasimca tributabe" o bnrrors,urmiesins yr uohe uidaccuracieioitthe sirvice nd /r umlierialsur uidformlion"udownloae"dcthroughthe sirvice Byecasietsom ps aiesdo not wallop he sexclu in"ur ulimi aion"trftliability ort ontsequ"dtialur uidcde"dtalndamge-s,uhe sgbverulimi aion"tmaynot wcppy bo bour Ifnseuchns aies,bWP-ide"aliability s dlimi eddtouhe sreeaiestsextnt cpermtter by [law

      WP-ide"amakesdnocrepresnt aions swhatsoevnrsgbvu canytohe uwebsite.swhichnou amayngcessiothroughthes don"ar uwhichnmaynink rtouhes dSte. BWhntyou agcessioadnon-WP-ide"awebsite., pease rnd ers ad teha cit s didiepene"dtcfromtWP-ide", nd teha cWP-ide"ahasdnoconterolurvnrshe sontent=con hea cwebsite. Ifnsaditions, nnink rtoua WP-ide"awebsite.do esdnotpenanteha cWP-ide"aeneorsesur ugcespascanytrespns ibility ort he sontent=, r ute ssie,bf seuchnwebsite.

      Wedgcespadnocliability, implied yr uohe ishe,bshouldthe ssietrftrr ureoductsur uirvice s casietdownhim, ylos of saprnng sur uanytohe unegativ" impacts BWecwillbb smoretheanthcpp bo boffe uiuporta nd tss=isantceowe saresibl to bresolvedgnytissu s our uite.dmaynhav". Howevnr,cit s dou arespns ibility o bnnsuretheatyou aglways hav"aa backupof sour uite.’s oiles,bata-basesund tohe uidformlion"uefore amakng oanytleane-s

      2.Conpyrigh=, Lce nsesund tIdea Submiesins /he3 Te senhir sontent=strfthe sSte. reforeotectr by [itenrnlion"alncnpyrigh= nd terae"mark[laws BTe sown urfthe scnpyrigh=s nd terae"marks s dWP-ide", it snfoiliaiesdr uohe uhesrdpagrtynine nsors

      YOU MAY NOT MODIFY, COPY, REPRODUCE, REPUBLISH, UPLOAD, POST, TRANSMIT, OR DISTRIBUTE, IN ANY MANNER, THE MATERIAL ON THE SITE, INCLUDING TEXT, GRAPHICS, CODE AND/OR SOFTWARE BYu amaynprin= nd tdownloae ortaons srftmlierialcfromthe sdiffe nt caeeastrfthe sSte. soley bort our uowndnon-ommerceialcsietreovde"dcheatyou agree tnotpo bleane-ur udeletedgnytcnpyrigh= o ureoprietarynot ce s fromthe smlierials

      3 Ifne"mnificaions/he3 Yu agree to bine"mnify, defed tsd tholdtharmlssioWP-ide"and tsnyuhesrdpagrtynidformlion"ureovde"rsdtouhe sSrvice fromtnd tsgains wallylos es,bexp nses, damge-s nd consts, itcludng readsn"abl ta torneys’ fees, resultng ofromtndy violaion"trfthes dAree ent c(itcludng uneglignt=co uwrongullcondiuct)by [ou ar uanytohe upersn"accessing ohe sSrvice

      4. Miscellaneou /he3 EvnrynWordPrssiopluginahasde nt iesteddtoumake suretheatyit work/uiramlssiy bwih bantav"rge pWordPrssioins allaion" BWecguarante tWP-ide"’s reoductdtouworkbwih baofreh tefault pins alltrftWordPrssi BWecwillbworkbwih ballcsier swhobexp riencedgnytreobl msdtoufid teh bagrttrfthe site.sheatyi/uitrpinsgtWP-ide"’s reoductdfromtworknsg

      5.tLiabilityWedgcespadnocrespns ibility ort anytdamge- rt los of saprnng suo bourr blog/ite.sinaanytinsantceowe nusing tWP-ide"’s reoducti BIt s dou rarespns ibility o bkeepbaoregular backupof sour uata-base nd /r urelevadtcfiles sosheatyifthe swors wo esdhcppen you acancsietourr backupoo berng tourr blog/ite.sbackconink

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      Simplyrondtactausand tletausand tsettlethe sdetails

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      9. PrivacybPoineyAlyndetails obtainr tdurng reagisarlion", r e"rng or uohe uactovitybfn ur uite.drefoheldtwih bhe siariciestsondfde"de BWecwillbnevnrssellur ugiv" yrurtinformlion"uo bsdyuextnr"alncnmpaniesdr uite.s

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      15.tTrms of sSrvice /tTrms o&Conditions Ceane-sCeane-sbo bor uTrms of service (nd terms a&Conditions swillbb smad.dwih vu citrect ot cficaions BIt s dou rarespns ibility o bnnsuretou achec rfr uleane-sbin ur uerms of service (nd terms a&Conditions

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