WP-Hide PRO – Changelog

Release Date – 2018-12-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2bcaaa14a3627507ebef136925090e6d289da3c8

  • WPEngine instructions updates to make it easier to integrate through support.


Release Date – 2018-12-06
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1c1e517d8ff3cd7955ae09710149409ff3bc74c6

  • Removed the upload_dir filtering as produce some issues on specific environment, possible incompatibilities will be post-processed within General compatibility module
  • Fix position insert on .htacces file if the file include wrong empty spaces on start
  • Migrate the JS into a ECMAScript 6
  • Compatibility structure update to include a general module
  • Implements textarea for Interface class to support such input component
  • Return the buffer on CSS Combine component if not a html page
  • Prevent libxml notices output when parsing a non valid html block
  • Force the components to run in admin, using filter wph/components/force_run_on_admin
  • New module option for JS Combine, specify Exclude script from JavaScript Combine
  • Fix: Can’t use function return value in write context, on general-text-replace module

Release Date – 2018-11-22
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3ed5735479ce660b4014cd2d7e8dc0f997cba938

  • Use a replacement map for matched urls within inline css, to avoid replacing part of urls which are similar with others
  • Do specific css replacements when creating a static cache file and placeholders list not completed (e.g. encounter “remote-file-css” or “local-no-css-file” which needs outputted as is)


Release Date – 2018-11-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 92c60dc3105ed75bc872e06dec16438aaeab90c5

  • Use ‘upload_dir’ filter to adjust ‘url’ and ‘baseurl’
  • Compatibility files and folder re-structure
  • Exclude self from plugins list which can have slug changed
  • Themes DIVI – compatibility with their internal style cache

Release Date – 2018-11-14
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – bfd4ac4f868c59a8711a27247b821bcb1309c8f2

  • Return buffer if empty when do css and JavaScript within html replacements
  • Replace new lines with a space instead empty

Release Date – 2018-11-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 73f1c14e47341c930badde744ada70a3752aa352

  • French translation thanks to Hubert Van Der Cruyssen ( helios06fr#gmail.com )
  • WooGlobalCart fix when using buffering callback
  • Sort alphabetically the plugins in Rewrite > Plugins interface
  • Update to regex to catch links with host domains using multiple dots
  • Use ‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’ instead ABSPATH when placeholders process for JS component
  • Update the rewrite when using MultiSIte and triggered Flush_rules() within an inner site, ensure all active plugins are processed and return appropriate rewrite code


Release Date – 2018-10-31
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 250cf6d61c0cb9a2e7f07f0e82b41a14380b0dd8

  • Fix url replacements within concatenated javaScript while there is no variable to re-map


Release Date – 2018-10-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 463198dd7131d9a4a24df1d208488e2b4ed9bd7e

  • CDN support when using custom urls
  • Fix Tip bubble show on single site options interface

Release Date – 2018-10-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 94dd39b4b7cad54bf42691eb69273d6da3c756e8

  • Do url replacements for concatenated styles before saving to a cache file


Release Date – 2018-10-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 34266f0dd426615e0a5771d0fbcacaedecaf7df7

  • Core Updater class add support for API 1.1
  • Return default response on ‘plugins_api’ and not current plugin check
  • HTML text replace moved to trigger on action ‘wp-hide/ob_start_callback/pre_replacements’


Release Date – 2018-10-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a1a7ecb7275d1237ef7d0af1ca390ba63a3b5677

  • Moved the action replacement for wp_redirect_admin_locations at _init_admin_url()
  • Trigger the action replacement for wp_redirect_admin_locations only if new admin slug exists


Release Date – 2018-10-23
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e81757275eb96a1eb95b4847c8e9c78c640a1768

  • Preserve absolute paths when doing relative replacements
  • Flywheel hosting force Nginx environment


Release Date – 2018-10-11
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d52196a0c592cbf711259b527d90b9e05f7c4165

  • Fixed error message when switched to another theme
  • Separate menu group General / CSS
  • New functionality – HTML/CSS Class Replace
  • New functionality – HTML/CSS ID Replace
  • New functionality – CSS combine
  • New functionality – CSS clean-up
  • New functionality – CSS Minify
  • Separate menu group General / JavaScript
  • Use Network settings when switching a theme in a site, within a MultiSite environment
  • Use Network settings when redirect permalinks and “Allow every site to change options” is turned off, within a MultiSite environment
  • On theme switch actions cleanup
  • Moved conflict handler to a separate class


Release Date – 2018-09-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 52b1a23a3262195da69b4f623c36eec424394a30

  • WP Rocket compatibility fix for CSS Minify and JS Minify


Release Date – 2018-09-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b4d304791ca6b7ab24b5c698f858f05b4e32ebde

  • Updated deprecated notice for php 7.2 and up: Function create_function() is deprecated


Release Date – 2018-09-06
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 19768d1124dd647a27567f50761f886c4a56b6bd

  • Fix for specific php version: Can’t use method return value in write context in /wp-hide-security-enhancer-pro/include/functions.class.php

Release Date – 2018-08-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 8075d644deb2b53672ad22280234a780b373ae3a

  • JavaScript Combine Code / JavaScript Variables Replace – run only on front side to prevent conflicts for dashboard .e.g using Gutenberg editor
  • Block default admin-ajax.php when using Nginx and simple rewrite rules
  • Block default wp-admin when using Nginx and simple rewrite rules
  • Block default wp-login.php when using Nginx and simple rewrite rules
  • Block default wp-content when using Nginx and simple rewrite rules

Release Date – 2018-08-22
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c719737e7b99069445eb48e7d209e43ae2f24e15

  • Fixed environment allowed_paths variable when site deployed within domain subdirectory

Release Date – 2018-08-22
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c392958c99c33cfa3c1ca1dd83003dfddc97024e

  • Updated Nginx rewrite rules on single site/multisite, when using subodmain e.g. domain.com/blog/wpsite

Release Date – 2018-08-21
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2c9f1b08c1a89fadb68fa36dfc5ca185fcbed312

  • Block for simple rules on default wp-includes, plugins, uploads, wp-comments.php, xmlrpc.php

Release Date – 2018-08-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ad000c6e69a3501e5b6b26764ab11c07cf68b8b1

  • Replaced subsequenced wp_logout() from confirmation block to avoid server 502 error on specific environments
  • Check the wp_remote_get() response to deal with “cURL error 60” issue on specific servers, where ssl certificate path is invalid
  • Updated environment path within the error when not able to write data
  • Remove disabled attribute for Confirm button after action completed, independently from response type

Release Date – 2018-08-09
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 79145241a4f696192efd2e1f809f3bf4a2120b09

  • Run Text Replace only on front side
  • Language PO file update

Release Date – 2018-08-07
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c299d31257b1aeeab82cf327d0cc682bf4fc7323

  • Fixed wph class load when using custom WP_CONTENT_DIR
  • Trigger do_cron_cache from functions


Release Date – 2018-07-23
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – f2e19d99c2180166550c6aacd25d6de766a08fed

  • Removed ABSPATH declaration check within WPH class to prevent code exit when called directly through wp-config.php or wp-load.php


Release Date – 2018-07-15
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1d70ad73bfb233713ae55fa7c882a92795e4c899

  • Export encode using htmlspecialchars to prevent JSON format break when using quotes in values
  • Use htmlspecialchars when output variables on interface to prevent wrong data / layout break


Release Date – 2018-07-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 972a45d8b40b4dc3001fa91634201c8f8efc8fe4

  • New module “JS Variables Replace”
  • Use Cache for “JavaScript Combine Code”
  • Run Cron maintenance for clearing expired cached js files
  • Fixed redirect filter, to update the login url when register link
  • Removed unused ‘display_conditions’ property for ‘map_custom_urls’ option

Release Date – 2018-07-04
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 69903965299417ff46b0e773cc5c356507f1af51

  • Add slashes for re-mapped plugin slugs to prevent conflict with similar urls

Release Date – 2018-07-02
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 823bcf9dc2b76c6acc07ab1dee27c4fda9c6ed0b

  • Fixed .htaccess insert with markers, last line being cut off
  • When Reset remove all options wph-rewrite-manual-install, wph-errors-rewrite-to-file
  • Disable filters when doing Reset to prevent redirect urls changes

Release Date – 2018-06-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e22494a5111b0a42ad7e92f0bb4c4770eae6e991

  • WPEngine server detect and use appropriate settings
  • Provide specific instructions with step to take for WPEngine

Release Date – 2018-06-30
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e1c47e8707037126e1e80b0092473c9cd6caec8d

  • Fixed environment data when using Superadmin set-up / Individual sites set-up
  • Use $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] for ‘allowed_paths’ environment setting for better compatibility
  • Fixed double slashes for Apache rewrite on Block Other wp files

Release Date – 2018-06-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – dab8115a9e729ae78b405b18419db5ae2e110702

  • Check ENV:REDIRECT_STATUS when blocking default wp-login.php on Apache rewrite


Release Date – 2018-06-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2d5ffbe5ae4f0f0ce03faed836bf22d9120552cb

  • New option “Generate simple Rewrite Rules for Nginx” which produce simple rewrite (Apache style) for servers which can’t handle full rewrite.

Release Date – 2018-06-27
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 8149f46b3c34292553d422b4ec42a1c8a7b68f16

  • Fixed wp-admin and wp-login.php custom slugs when MultiSite and “Every site can manage options” turned off

Release Date – 2018-06-27
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0cf5f503f3d6aaa2f5433f39cb56ffb38ae9ff49

  • Fixed log-out url within wpadminbar when MultiSite active

Release Date – 2018-06-26
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 7c7a404e19a0f1d217f100a8f1138559318800fb

  • If WPH not initialized do not process the buffer, return it as is instead

Release Date – 2018-06-25
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 03c92a19492390b5aaea4e197f170608abcd642d

  • Changed Confirm JavaScript to plain JS instead jQuery
  • Moved Confirmation JavaScript to in-page in case the resource file is not being available


Release Date – 2018-06-22
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – d766bbfecb928e4420a8eb36f5a3c6f29936cd21

  • New module Map Urls to Replace arbitrary URL’s with custom ones
  • Updated language PO file

Release Date – 2018-06-21
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 953c3d92e3b154518853a79723870aea3e8abace

  • Reset confirmation message update to better inform the admin upon the procedure to follow.

Release Date – 2018-06-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ff2514469026a905eee4abb645533b649e180304

  • Fixed WooCommerce download link which triggered a fatal error: Call to undefined method WPH_functions::get_module_item_setting()

Release Date – 2018-06-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 7a649cde043fcdcec2f7731690002a9a4d47521a

  • Reset does not require rewrite undo, it presume this is already done manually for Nginx or not writable .htaccess and web.config files

Release Date – 2018-06-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b9a1c0b792f5072f231734d33fbe53ba12a5f4b2

  • Fixed get_themes() and superglobal $wp_theme_directories being Null
  • Restore the Theme module not being visible due to above bug


Release Date – 2018-06-16
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3c442ffbdfd6cc6652266f6c00367acfcc825ccb

  • Updated reset button to local JavaScript code to still run when resources are not loaded.

Release Date – 2018-06-15
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – f1d3b8b877b58c3072984295b76c4bf31d505d1e

  • Fix wrong variable type definition within admin-ajax.php module

Release Date – 2018-06-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ef4edd3c4588383eabc94d36a41289967b55dec7

  • WPEngine additional instructions to help with rewrite set-up
  • Language file update

Release Date – 2018-06-13
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – f93971a75bd9e9775c2dfb3a16df7b69f4aec0d2

  • New Module Option setting module_option_processing Use custom processing (interface save) if specified
  • New Module Option setting module_option_html_render Use html render content if specified
  • callback_arguments typo fix
  • New filter available wp-hide/ob_start_callback/text_preserve which trigger inside preserved texts loop
  • Text Replace module fix

Release Date – 2018-06-11
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e29d4eca86a822835102ba38dfa760909775f707

  • Parse Apache Write String from server using regex instead environment variables, to prevent conflicts for variables not being available when custom .htaccess file exists within /wp-admin


Release Date – 2018-06-11
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c4ac71281823246e3bc4beb01c94daa5ca1aa197

  • Strip off protocol and any www prefix for site_url and home_url to ensure accurate comparing

Release Date – 2018-06-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 807ef520dd29bef59af6a211a99a0bb7f223871d

  • New filter wp-hide/mod_rewrite_rules for Apache and IIS rewrite rules

Release Date – 2018-06-07
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0752a18522619956a7fe746b6b58f2c4b3361b3d

  • Improved compatibility for instances when WordPress being deployed within own folder
  • Improved compatibility when WordPress root is within folder/folders and not domain root


Release Date – 2018-06-05
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – b9be968aa90a712ad9ec056f6f5d7a7876b37b08

  • Improved wp_config update, in case the default comment is not found


Release Date – 2018-06-05
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 7fd9b780a80928ca0e9794324cee25873d63f544

  • Updated Nginx rewrite rules comments for updating the php includes lines
  • Updated Language PO file
  • Slight instructions texts improvements for easier understanding

Release Date – 2018-05-25
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e71abc33ccf2e0d4e3f4ca354eaed3380840d472

  • Use full path for rewrite rules if the site home is within a domain subfolder

Release Date – 2018-05-25
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – ebfb6e3453715a893a49893ea5ff57bc67e86e89

  • WPML compatibility when using different domains for each language


Release Date – 2018-05-25
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – db8012457d19e9ac66cf2f32e5c1efc91a198ab3

  • Check and output admin notices if the rewrite rules are wrong or not applying
  • License key activate if the domain is the same as current instance and the key already assigned to it
  • Restart the buffering if flushed out, mainly used for footer when updating plugins and themes
  • Do not load the custom admin bar class if the rewrite rules does not apply
  • Do not filter redirect urls if the rewrite rules does not apply
  • Load modules only if rewrite rules are loaded
  • Filter out the domain port if exists for WPH_INSTANCE constant

Release Date – 2018-05-18
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a1992bc2eaab5ac194285282bfb2e3eb137d5766

  • Activate the key on current site is licence is already active for domain

Release Date – 2018-05-14
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 61c04a309c4c076e3f5c5b8bdf5e54b6db85c9c7

  • Set correct type for some variables which where used as different type


Release Date – 2018-05-14
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – acc3da45a4c6c73adfd206d36f14d80c5dc1e8cb

  • Wrong variable declaration fix for $readable_rules, being set as string instead array

Release Date – 2018-05-14
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1b9fd60a672a87e0fac1a82d9811d29d9c2d31aa

  • Replaced environment variables with char – (minus) to underscore to prevent issue on servers which require only letters, numbers, and possible underscore characters.

Release Date – 2018-05-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0b05eda6d6e727903dd4eae7837b85492bbdcd7f

  • Fixed wp-json block for urls containing just wp-json prefix

Release Date – 2018-05-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0743ae5212e793f0c0a8d47e53da9456378ff6bb

  • Add textdomain to untranslated texts
  • Updated .po language file

Release Date – 2018-05-10
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 1df9b6c144122672f0ba39ea0edff09808fa4d91

  • Load WPH_Admin_Bar class only on multisite


Release Date – 2018-05-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e765e7a15f6c444f8b971d4f70c6a946db0b72a1

  • Turn on buffer within mu-loader if there’s no class defined within wp-config.php


Release Date – 2018-05-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c9864e95d7c7fa14ba01aee6216c985ebb7db28c

  • Included instructions within Setup interface for wp-config.php file set-up


Release Date – 2018-05-08
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c4b87e083f900898db91c71801f5a55750061424

  • Moved environment.php to Uploads instead plugin folder. Uploads is writable on most servers.
  • Updated environment allowed_paths to allow only styles within themes.


Release Date – 2018-05-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 7614e405fbcec5e18bc7dbe8f262069887e88d95

  • Network Dashboard output notice if wp-config data was not written


Release Date – 2018-05-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 964090652ac5b60415d7f5be3842bf7e8d9cc06a

  • Fix: Change to filter wp-hide/ob_start_callback instead deprecated wph/ob_start_callback
  • Use wp-config.php loader to allow a output buffer callback on top of all other
  • MU Loader update


Release Date – 2018-04-24
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 51dc5b788d68dfbf1a87cfffc869efaffd55ecc1

  • Licence Support
  • Admin bar links update when using MultiSite


Release Date – 2018-04-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 552bf2c9a1bf9b942da72d2d212355e43dc50ce8

  • Beta


Release Date – 2018-04-06
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 6ca8318ae4a8286e688de587141d2def19c62632

  • Completed Nginx, tested on subdirectory and single instance


Release Date – 2018-04-06
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 641b4e2847d8fd4be229805109307ecdaed72a0e

  • Completed Nginx, with “Every site can manage options” set to Yes


Release Date – 2018-03-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 97eaf005d7b0816548c9f51d62e9b9492503d64a

  • Update – MultiSite only admin set options


Release Date – 2018-03-17
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3dfa6184aba43387e24cf0dde77e6c26589d74d0

  • MultiSite with no individual site wp hide management


Release Date – 2018-03-14
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 21a997d3f11ef8faceb4d51f7a827a51a6fcb811

  • Updated Single Site Recovery
  • Updated Single site Settings Reset


Release Date – 2018-03-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2d25dafe97abf0b6491cb9aa9c9c25a959159697

  • SingleSite Pass


Release Date – 2018-03-12
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – e3be60819a2ec812b441d49a78aff7a12d9cb8eb

  • Multisite ready, before SingleSite pass


Release Date – 2018-03-01
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – c7927eb9d853e5e136eed403958ecff6b7d5c3a3

  • Further implementation for MS


Release Date – 2018-02-20
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 2eba25c25fbbb5954d7bb98e658c5338b1603d08

  • – Use dafault settings from SuperAdmin Interface


Release Date – 2017-11-22
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 98771bfc8e3c02835b31ce9de35389da566f164c

  • Reset plugin starting version to 1.0


Release Date – 2017-05-03
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 0190f1575ab7b809e68b044e16cb15128429b960

  • update


Release Date – 2017-03-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – a9628c7daf870916a16e20657174f406581e09d0

  • Multisite branch


Release Date – 2017-03-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 85b65166b53804fb074ccb9b10b1398388fe8097

  • Use FS_CHMOD_FILE for $wp_filesystem->put_contents


Release Date – 2017-03-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3f9d2f9ebf8cc7de28b71b61582fe88c583138d5

  • Fixed default wp-content block
  • Updated compatibility with WP Fastest Cache


Release Date – 2017-03-29
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 81dae825190ca9a6d2b4b1c9fb6de4089b49cee3

  • Fixed wp-content replacement


Release Date – 2017-03-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 52fd3147fa8759be577cbcc53e8727d05951844a

  • New component : Robots.txt to control the outputed data


Release Date – 2017-03-28
Author – Nsp Code
Hash – 3a0fc41f807af2947cffd8c743b46188096c61a3

  • Check if any environment variable has changed before Update static environment file
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